Tuesday, July 29, 2008


(from the owls go)

(from vieilles_annonces')

(from whatatiger)

(from the library of congress)

(from vieilles_annonces')

Style. What's it all about? Always changing hither and nither, blowing in the wind, like a delicate particle from a plant; it's hard to keep up with. Am I right?

What should I wear today? Will this look cool? Will people make fun of my "cover?" These are things the Lonely Seagull is occasionally concerned (not obsessed--we're not vain!) with.

The other weekend, an older, distinguished gentleman came up to our booth at the SF Zine Fest. We knew he was distinguished because of his fine coat and scarf, and the twinkle in his eye. Like most people, he started rubbing his grubby mitts all over us (in the form of the magazine). Fortunately, his hands were not as grubby as most people's and his search, instead of saying, "I'm uncomfortable standing in front of this table, so I'm going to mangle this object," seemed to say "what is this? I want to know. I search for understanding." The kindly man turned the magazine over a few times and read some of the contents within. That was nice of him (seriously, we are always glad and surprised when people attempt to read us--we're not sure we would!) Then he said, "it's very simple." "Yes," we said. Simple is what we are going for. "It looks old-fashioned," he said, "it's timeless." "Oh (wow!), thanks!" we said. Then he rubbed his thick, sailor-like hands on the cover one more time, "it feels like sand." And with that, he walked away.

What inspires the Lonely Seagull style? The above pics are a few things we find sandy.

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hotelwindow said...

Hello - just a small note - I am Vieilles_Annonces on Flickr and I thank you for publicizing my slide. However, I need you to DIRECTLY note which slide you use from my collection. As it stands, the slide looks like your own. The footnote at the bottom of your blog is not sufficient - look at Flickr terms of attribution. Also, legally, this form of attribution you are employing is not sufficient. Sorry to nitpick...